Dear customers,
our mission as a service provider has always been to deliver you the best as possible quality service . The cost of the TV program offered to you is always dependent on the price that each TV sets for its channels, over the years there has been a steady rise from major televisions such as Nova, bTV, Discovery, and more. If we change any the circumstances, you will be notified in good time.

  We live in a rapidly developing world, a world where technology is advancing rapidly. One of them is the internet. Created 30 years ago in the United States, today is a publicly accessible connected computer system. The global network has an undeniable place in the culture of society all over the world. In recent years, the internet has been used for communication, advertising, shopping and information. The global network and access to the Internet are becoming more and more important.

 We are a company with rich, years of experience and traditions in the construction of computer and television networks. We have a network in over 30 settlements in the Rousse region. We have our own optical paths to every point in our network, always striving to keep pace with new technologies. We work with branded network equipment - Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks, Dell and others. We offer attractive bundled services for Internet and digital TV. For us, each client is an important partner, and that is why we offer flexible additional (as well as non-standard) services such as private networking, video surveillance, hosting, etc..